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T-Worx is a high-powered energy sports clothing and equipment company that is a symbol for the most active people in our society. They have items for a wide variety of outdoor activities catering for all ages. These include cycling, rock-climbing, abseiling, white water rafting and all kinds of extremes sports. The store sells casual clothes, sporting clothes as well as specific sporting gear and accessories.


T-Worx is a middle price range in the market of high-powered energy sports clothing and equipment companies like; Kathmandu is mid price range; Anaconda is low price range; MacPac is mid price range, and North Face is high price range. T-Worx wishes to draw in clientele from both the low and high range clientele by having lower prices than the high range prices and promotional deals. It draws in the higher range clientele by having the latest technology and have a wide range of products from the low, middle and high price range.


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