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Lipton Tea Box

We were set the task of redesigning Lipton Tea Packaging and re-branding so aspects of their brand. I chose to make a three in one package. I chose to stick to the Lipton colours and do a series of products in one as a revitalisation for the brand and their products. Herbal Infusion consists of Camomile Tea Bags, Lemon Tea Bags and Peppermint Tea Bags. Tea was originally an expensive drink, enjoyed exclusively by the wealthy. In 1880, 40-year-old Glasgow-born entrepreneur and innovator Sir Thomas Lipton envisioned an opportunity to make a quality tea that was universally accessible at a reasonable price. He began by purchasing tea estates in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka and arranged packaging and shipping at low costs to sell his teas directly from the tea garden to the teapot. In 1893, he established the Thomas J Lipton Co. A tea packing company with its headquarters and factory in Hoboken, New Jersey. Building on the experience of over a century in growing and blending tea, Lipton has kept alive Sir Thomas’ love of innovation and quality. Unsurprisingly, Lipton produces the world’s number one tea today.


  • Finished Tea Packaging

  • Wireframes


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