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Taste of Tagging

Taste of Tagging

This was a proposal marketing plan assignment, for Brisbane Powerhouse. The project, ‘Taste of Tagging’, is an Instagram campaign aimed at attracting the adolescent demographic to Brisbane Powerhouse, whilst highlighting its heritage-listed graffiti. I was the project manager; where I was responsible for the management of the timeline, resources, logistics of the proposed event and the budget. I was also the graphic designer where I turned a concept into a logo and branding for the drink. I also create a presentation layout to match Brisbane Powerhouse’s aesthetics, with graphics like statistic and survey graphs and tables. I also captured and edited the sample photos of ‘Tagged’ taken at Brisbane Powerhouse, for the campaign launch and as examples in the presentation for the pitch.

  • Logo

  • Branding

  • Event

  • Style Guide

  • Advertisements

  • Drink


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